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TheCreativeCafé combines destructive physics and stylized graphics to reinvent the typical bar fight.

Wake up in a beautiful tavern and create drunken chaos. 


New York -- February 10th, 2021 - The US-based independent development game studio is excited to announce their first game, The Bar Fight on Steam, expected to launch on PC later this year.


Set in a beautifully stylized, cartoony tavern - filled to the brim with flimsy ragdoll enemies and magical potions - launch yourself into The Bar Fight and engage in the drunken chaos. Jump into the hilarious, physics-based, action game where you must throw, slam, and dodge your way to victory in a destructible environment! 


“Late one night, two college students came up with an idea- to 

create our own fantasy tavern. One that can be trashed, destroyed, 

and shattered. Without any knowledge, we launched ourselves into 

the struggle of indie game development. And now, we are excited to 

finally share this idea with the world.”

- Damian Rode, producer of The Bar Fight, Co-Founder of TheCreativeCafé


The Bar Fight, built in Unreal Engine 4, uses a variety of different technologies to create rewarding gameplay. Using the powerful Apex Destruction plugin we are able to simulate an almost completely destructible environment. Unreal’s immense physics engine allows us to create a unique combat system unlike any other game, creating a bar fight where you can’t throw punches, only objects. Using the Unreal Cascade Particle System, we are able to create satisfying effects such as shockwaves but also to encourage a comfy atmosphere in the tavern. By combining all of these technologies, we are able to fully immerse the player into the drunken madness. 


Key Features:


  • After waking up in the dreamy bar, head over to the keg and get drunk, replenishing your health and giving you strength but also hindering your coordination. 

  • Walk through the rich, cartoony, stylized tavern and create havoc in the soft peaceful orange glow. 

  • Interact with anything in the tavern. Pick up and smash barstools, plates, chairs, and even entire tables, the complete physics-based environment allows for endless fun!

  • Watch the patrons at the bar fly through the air with satisfying ragdoll physics after smashing a chair or two into them.

  • Turn the tide of any battle using powerful and unique potions. Stop time, set fires, and even shrink yourself to escape the onslaught of drunk enemies.

  • The tavern is filled with diverse and unique characters, each with their own personalities and behaviors. 

  • Without being able to utilize traditional melee attacks, you must use your environment to overcome the chaos in the tavern. 


Contact Information:




Damian Rode - Co-Founder


Ameen Kunnathu - Co-Founder


Check out the latest developments of The Bar Fight:










Press Kit:

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